Re-Learning Forgiveness

Have you ever been somewhere - church, or school, or otherwise - and something gets explained to you that you feel like you knew, but you just never knew it that way? Where all the pieces were there, but all it took was for someone just to explain it a certain way and it suddenly... Continue Reading →

Day 25: Trust

Trusting people, particularly in relationships, used to be really difficult for me. One relationship in high school where I was cheated on twice was enough to severely damage my ability to trust. For a while, it affected my ability to trust in people at all. Eventually, I could begin to loosely trust others, but it... Continue Reading →

Day 18: Sin and Shame

One of the conversations I recently had with some friends had to do with how our sin affects our relationship with God. Obviously, sin is something that removes us from God. Often, our natural response to sin, immediately after coming to the realization that we have sinned, is guilt. If anyone truly calls himself or... Continue Reading →

Time to Stop the Failure Thought

Is it possible to make something good out of a failure? In my mind, no. Here's why. If you look up the definition of failure, it is lack of success, usually in the context of some kind of desired or expected occurrence not.. occurring. Failure is miserable. Failure is that feeling of everything coming crashing... Continue Reading →

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