Day 15: Whose Kingdom

I mentioned in an earlier post about how we often ask God to bless the things we do rather than us choose the things that He blesses for us. In reflecting on this a little bit more, I began to think about what doing that is doing on a grander scale. See, we, in all... Continue Reading →

Day 10: Chasing God’s Plan

In this world, we are bombarded with the idea of pursuing our own plans. To the point that I talked about it the other day in my post about pursuing what makes us happy. We are constantly told to chase after what will make us happy. So I want to re-visit this idea in a... Continue Reading →

Day 9: Commit

Part of what I enjoy doing on my blog is finding the connections between my studies in engineering and my Christian faith. Another thing I do is try to find connections between my playing soccer and my faith. I think there's a lot of practical takeaways from soccer, or pretty much any sport, that you... Continue Reading →

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