My Reflections on Four Years

If you've read my story and testimony here on my blog, you may have noticed something: it stops after I graduate high school. Obviously, my life has gone on, and a lot of influential things have happened through my college years. I've met some amazing, influential people. I've felt hurt, felt loss. I've felt lost.... Continue Reading →

My View on Swearing – Thoughts from a Lunchtime Conversation

So in a recent church service I was at, the message for the day was this: "whatever comes out of your mouth reveals what is in your heart." In the same message, we discussed Matthew 7, verses 16 thru 18: "By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs... Continue Reading →

The Christian College Bubble

Before I even start writing this, if you've attended a Christian college - or any Christian school for that matter - you probably already know exactly what this is about, based on the title alone. The Christian College Bubble. I've gone to three different Christian schools in my life and one public school. Granted, one... Continue Reading →

My Biggest Project

I've mentioned the Collaboratory at Messiah several times, but I've rarely talked in-depth about my project. Seeing as I graduate in less than a week, I'll be stepping away from being quite so involved in this project, but I want to take some time to actually highlight what my team and I have been up... Continue Reading →

Guilt and God

So one of my favorite worship songs is "How Deep the Father's Love." Specifically, I really enjoy the version by Kings Kaleidoscope. There's a particular lyric that, from the first time I heard it, felt almost like a bit of a sucker punch; any time I stop and meditate on it, I feel as if... Continue Reading →

What Drives You?

In a recent homework assignment, of all places, I came across a quote by A.W. Tozer: "It is not what a man does that determines whether his work is sacred or secular, it is why he does it." This is only the first part of the quote, but I'll finish it later. Early this week, I was... Continue Reading →

Anxiety – Real Talk #4

Anxiety is nothing to be ashamed about. We all feel anxiety at some point in some way. Anxiety is such a tough thing to talk about; sometimes I don't even know how to start talking about anxiety. So I'll start with talking about what happened this week. I felt anxiety creeping in through the week,... Continue Reading →

Unexpected Lessons

This post is a little bit of an extension on last week's post on complacency. Specifically, it has to do with complacency as it pertains to service. Something that I've seen (and experienced) many times, is that when it comes to service, Christians sometimes have a tendency of going in with the "What can I... Continue Reading →

How I Took a Week off from God

I want to preface this post by saying that this is not an instructional post. This is not, "Oh I took a week away from God for myself and here are my great results!" This is a post about admitting to my own complacency and even ignorance. On a side note, I am trying to... Continue Reading →

God Washing Depression Away

Several weeks ago, the church I go to at school did the service a little differently. Instead of the typical announcements to worship to sermon to benediction or some slight variance of that, they took a different approach. We were talking about some of the different promises given to us by God through the book... Continue Reading →

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