Behind The Name

So throughout the life of this blog, I’ve had the name of the blog questioned a few times, so I figured I would jot something down about how I came up with it at the very start.

So “Come On, Senses” is, first and foremost, a play on words of “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine. However, it does go deeper than my meek attempt at creativity.

Something I’ve noticed a lot in my own life, and heard is a similar struggle for others, is the disconnect between feeling and knowing. Particularly, for me, I will very often know something (ie, God loves me), but I will have a difficult time feeling that. Even when something is common sense, my feelings won’t validate it for me.

Simply put, the name of this blog is an urging for my feelings to make sense. Or at the very least, a reminder to me to make sense of them. After all, this blog is my journey through processing the things and feelings and basically everything else in my life.

So, please enjoy!

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